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Visualtraining, Augentraining


Kinder und Jugendliche stärken


CSeye-fit eye and visual training is a behavior-oriented vision training to improve vision, visual stamina and thus general performance.


Seeing is a process that links different perceptions of the human organism. Therefore, the four functions of the visual process must work simultaneously and equally well:
Sportler optimieren
Besser Sehen am Abreitsplatz
Das Konzept

Eye movement: where am I? (Orientation)

Fixation: Where is it? (Locate)
Focusing: what is it? (Identification)
Visualisation: How is it? (overall situation/well-being)

This also includes hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.
The sense of balance, mindfulness and one's own
The stress level must be taken into account.
You train the sight of your eyes,
thus your perception of what you see.

This includes:
  • Gross motor skills exercises
  • Exercises on laterality (alignment of the brain hemispheres)
  • Visual perception exercises/attention
    • shape perception
    • figure-ground perception
    • Visual assembly
    • sequential memory
    • Visualization/ integration and organization
To test how, for example, the spatial information is processed centrally, there is the test with the "van Orden star" in the biopter.
Sensitization of one's own being.
der Schlüssel für klare Sicht

CSeye-fit eye and visual training is ideal for short-sightedness, learning and reading problems, weak sight, dealing with close-up stress on the screen, presbyopia, for active seniors, especially for road users or as rehabilitation aftercare. Hobby athletes and professionals are also training more and more for

increased reaction speed, improved eye-hand coordination, increase in visual capacity utilization and increase in visual performance with CSeye-fit.
The success  and the training duration and type depends on their desire of seeing,
the motivation of the trainee and the integration into everyday life. Training should tend to be at least 6-8 weeks, with children up to 3 months.
  Life changes just as much as our reaction to should sensitize yourself to the full potential of your viewing behavior every year.

The aim of the CSeye-fit training is to strengthen the visual system, your awareness and thus gain more strength for the essentials .

Girl 9 years young, no eye disease. But farsightedness, obvious squinting. Her mother complains about being an outsider at school, bad handwriting, also bad grades, often headaches... even a lot of suspected LRS and ADHD... this girl had to go through a few jobs before she finally found us... Today is happy to be in the middle of your class instead of just there.

Interim report after CSeye-fit diagnostics and training session: 100% initial improvement, the eyes are much looser than before. Now I just need to practice regularly. 
From BD with 12 hours of continuous load on the PC
We have been treating our son for about 1 year regarding strabismus. He enjoys the eye exercises and we have already had great success, which has been confirmed by the ophthalmologist. Thank you for the great cooperation.
Greetings from the B. family from Vöhrenbach 
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