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School, study, job starters...PC admirers and phone worshipers
Eye Stress Notice, Think About It, Dry Eye Dropper,
Blood pressure junkies, study and homework refusers,
did you know that fitness for the eyes and visual training according to CSeye-fit
can help you?
#Destress - break for the eyes
with an important motto for people
who work long hours at the screen.
Relaxing and strengthening exercises
the visual system: eye and brain
trained and the
  body relaxed,
raise your awareness!
Look forward to your insights
and new views...
Mein Label
8 weeks intensive 

for executives, the self-employed and entrepreneurs
Visual requirements are changing, PC work is increasing. Adults
often suffer from dry eyes.
Support your own eyesight through regular eye and visual training, achieve goals in life.

Children often have undiscovered ones
vision problems.
Vorträge und Seminare
Claudia Scheible-Dimou

optometrist and
holistic active eye relaxation

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Denkanstoß: "Man begreift nur das, was die Augen erfassen können.Augen sind das Tor zur Welt und zur Seele."

you have no time
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But would you like to get started?

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