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Grow Your Vision-besser Sehen durch bessere Ernährung

Cellagon aus der Fülle der Natur- Vitale Plus Nährstoffkonzentrat bestellen

Finde deinen Weg

eye walk CS - EYE - WALK

treat yourself to the long-awaited opportunity to finally relax your gaze, to discover new views and perspectives, far away from everyday life in the beautiful castle park in Donaueschingen you are cordially invited to experience a mindful, holistic walk. Peppered with valuable eye exercises that serve the whole family.
Registration required in advance directly with me!
Number of participants from 3 people up to a maximum of 12 people,

Of course, taking into account the Corona regulation.
Bring along:
curiosity, joy,
  9 euros fitting,  weather-appropriate clothing and good shoes.
Meeting point parking lot at the park (Brigachweg 20, 78116 Donaueschingen)
Mornings: Saturday, March 6, 2021 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m
  Saturday March 6, 2021 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m
the normal day offer
  lots of things to our eyes, sometimes too much, that  we just feel overloaded.
Let's find out together how your eyes and brain will
  stay calm and have to enjoy the wonders of a blink. This special walk  through a wonderful nature  fill our mind and eyes with new  views and options.
  planned for Saturday,  6 March 2021 at Castle Park  Donaueschingen Germany  (9 euros per person)
You like the Idea?
  Than book and contact me for your location.

 visual wellness treatment according to CSeye-fit!  Relax your vision with CSeye-fit














The most varied of situations in life require visual excellence, everyone has to carry their own baggage, and this is often expressed  e.g. B. with neck tension.
Family, work, learning phases, home office, everything we experience we have seen with our own eyes.
Whether joy or sorrow, nothing remains hidden from the eyes.
Start relaxing your eyes regularly to enjoy them for a long time.
Regular, active, holistic relaxation with CSeye-fit supports and accompanies you through life. At least 4 sessions are recommended, you decide when you need holistic relaxation. I'm happy to be there for you.
Eyes - relaxation according to CSeye-fit means you are in focus: conversations, tips, acupressure, massage, energy exchange, self-esteem enhancement, full-body exercises, mental journeys and
   Vision training completely individual.
Book yours
  visual wellness treatment according to CSeye-fit. Duration 45 minutes / €60.

ganzheitliche Entspannung
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